One Common Oversight When Starting a Salon

You’ve just moved in, you’ve had 7 million extra things to do, you’re stretched thin. Why are your clients not loving your new space? Don’t they appreciate you’ve spent a small fortune on a new hydraulic chair and special light bulbs?


Is the salon clean? I don’t mean picked up and shoved into drawers. I mean clean clean. Sanitized. Organized. Eat-off–the -floor clean?

The salon’s cleanliness reflects you. It’s the FIRST impression clients get when they walk in the door! Tidiness reflects your professionalism and work ethic. It reflects how much you care about your client’s wellbeing, health and comfort.

It’s easy to not see what we are used to seeing.

Read it out loud.

It’s easy to not see what we are used to seeing.

We stop seeing things quickly. Look around with fresh eyes.

Your work station needs to be immaculate; you know this. Now that you started a salon, same rules apply to the entire salon space. Dusty baseboards, smeared glass, marks on the walls, bits of hair on your reception chairs—clients notice and become uncomfortable.

Be aware of easily overlooked spaces. Beware of a dirty toilet bowl, an ugly glop of soap on the washroom sink, empty paper rolls. Be aware of the walk up, the entry way glass, the aroma greeting the client at the door. Dusty retail shelves don’t sell product, they scream “nobody wants me”. A messy desk doesn’t inspire confidence; it states “you can’t rely on me”.

Try not to store everything at your station—keep it sleek. Use portable bins organized for color services, perms, up-dos, and specialty brushes/items which are stored in the back bar area until needed. Invest in cabinets, racks and storage containers. Take a day and put your back bar in its place. Save time by not having to rummage around for product and give yourself the gift of easy re-ordering and inventory control. A wall mounted wire color rack changed my life.

Empty the trash, wipe down reflective surfaces, sanitize common handles, sweep and mop the entire floor every day. Consider a professional cleaning service weekly.

Clients prefer clean and organized. If the salon is dirty or “disheveled”, you should expect them to comment about it to a friend as they’re asking for a different salon referral.